Big Bust In Whitley County

Whitley County has about 3,000 parents who pay child support.

A majority of those people owe back pay according to the county attorney.

So today he enlisted an army of police to round up the worst of the worst dead beat parents.

The round up started around 6:30 a.m. just one hour later 10 dead beats had been arrested and brought in for processing.

The County Attorney Paul Winchester says if others are wise, they'll learn from these folks.

"The vast majority that are out there are not on this list will say, yeah if I don't come in and make an arrangement to get them paid the sheriff will be knocking on my door," said Winchester.

A collective force of Whitley County Sheriff's Deputies and the Corbin police hope to round up 35 parents who back-due child support.

The total amount for all those people is more than $318, 000.

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