Bunning Predicts More High-Ranking GOP Endorsements For Northup

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - U-S Senator Jim Bunning has predicted that Kentucky's second in command won't be the only high-ranking Republican to throw support to an opponent of Governor Fletcher.

Bunning said today that Republicans have been disappointed with Fletcher, especially after a hiring scandal mired his first term in office. The Republican senator said that would likely lead to more endorsements of Anne Northup in the May 22nd G-O-P primary.

Bunning wouldn't say who might endorse Northup, only that "some very high profile Republicans" are likely to endorse the former congresswoman from Louisville in her bid to unseat Fletcher.

Bunning said it is more disappointment than dissatisfaction with the Fletcher administration.

Bunning's comments came the day after Lieutenant Governor Steve Pence threw his support to Northup, saying she is the better candidate and has a real chance of winning. Pence has already refused to run for re-election with Fletcher.

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