No Alcohol Sales On Sunday In Richmond

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The city's commission was unanimous in its decision this afternoon.

Commissioner's sat through an hour's worth of public comment before casting their votes. It was standing room only in the council chamber even though extra seats were brought in for the occasion.

This would be the conclusion of weeks of arguments for and against the sale of alcoholic beverages at restaurants.

The approval would allow restaurants who could seat at least 100 people and make at least fifty percent of their money selling food. The large restaurants and the chamber of commerce have been fighting for the change others, primarily from church congregations, were vocal in their opposition.

"From the start it was clear those fighting for Sunday sales, as a way to bring more business to the community, were greatly outnumbered," one citizen said.

In the end, the commission's unanimous vote came according to at least one member because he was tired of threats.

Another admits caving so not to further divide the community, he was for the move, but voted against it.

Some people for the vow say they plan to continue fighting for Sunday liquor sales.

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