Healing Process After Comair Crash Continues

It's been six months now since that dreadful August morning when Comair Flight 5191 crashed at Blue Grass Airport.

49 of the 50 people on board were killed, most of them from Kentucky.
Just last month the transcript was released from the flight where many of us heard the final words of the pilots.

We spoke with the widow of Pilot Jeff Clay.

The six month mark is a difficult one for many. It's a short time relatively speaking, but a long way away from total healing.

Amy Clay says each and everyday is difficult but with time the days are getting better.

"The 6 month mark is a milestone, a half a year when you have two this little you can see the amount they've grown and changed," Clay said.

It was the time immediately following the release of the Flight 5191 transcript that proved to be even tougher than expected.

"The day after that came out, worst day I had since the crash. I can hear him word for word....sounded just like him!"

And it was those last words which Amy hangs onto. The last glimpse of her husband's life, two lives which were meant to be spent together.

"For me losing Jeff, we had chosen where to retire, planned our life around each other...when he died all that died with him."

But even after his death Amy says their children are a continual reminder of what life really is all about. Their oldest, Shelby, shared the strongest reminder of all with Amy just one day after the transcripts were released.

"We woke up in the morning after and she said dad gave me a hug last night and he wanted me to give you a hug too...she gave me a hug from daddy.'

Amy says she cherishes those hugs not only from her children but those sent from Jeff as well.

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