Suspicious fire destroys Cartersville home

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More than 20 firefighters from several departments arrived at a home on White Lick Road in the Cartersville Community, right on the Garrard and Madison County lines.

Firefighters say the home was fully engulfed in flames and destroyed when they arrived. But after the flames were put out, investigators say they have more questions than answers.

Neighbors say the man who has lived in the home for years, Gary Mays, is behind bars. Sheriff's Deputies confirm he is in prison and now they're looking for his family members to see if they've been by. Neighbors say they haven't seen anyone at the home in weeks.

"I'm sure there's people around due to the animals on the property. So, somebody has been by to feed the animals," explained Assistant Fire Chief Dean Vencill of the Cartersville Fire and Rescue Department.

Firefighters say utilities were running into the home and they believe the fie started in the living room; they just aren't sure how.

Kentucky State Police Arson investigators are now a part on the on-going investigation.

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