UK team completes solar decathlon house

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A team of faculty and students at U-K has completed the "Sky Blue House". The house is a net zero energy home and will be taken to Washington, D.C. to compete in the Department of Energy's fourth biennial solar decathlon.

Nearly 200 students have been working on the 18-month project in preparation for the competition. They will be competing against 20 different universities across the world.

The house is fully equipped with 42 solar panels for electricity, tinted windows, and other energy efficient items that will allow the house to produce more electricity that what it will use.

Don Colliver, Ag Engineering Dept, says, " Just being able to compete in this decathlon is a reward. We are the only SEC university chosen to participate."

The team will begin the journey to Washington, D.C. this weekend and the competition will begin on October 9th. The competition will announce a winner on the 18th.

Once the competition is over, Lexington will use the "Sky Blue House" as a visitors center for the world equestrian games.

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