Trashy problem causes confusion at mobile home park

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A Scott County mobile home park is covered in garbage and residents are upset about it.

Rotting food, used baby diapers and other trash have been lining the streets of the Spindletop Mobile Home Park for four days now.

Residents claim the problem started when their landlord didn't pay the trash collection bill.

We called the Mt. Sterling based trash collection company and it confirmed that they indeed had not received payment for two months. Earlier this week the Rumpke company removed all of the trash cans from the mobile home park.

Since then residents had begun dumping their garbage on the street. To try and alleviate the problem the property operator told residents they would personally pick up their garbage by hand each day. However, many residents have discovered that the stray animals in the area usually get to the trash before it's picked up. Many in the neighborhood are frustrated.

The property manager says the problem should be solved in 10 days. The property owner has authorized the purchase of new garbage cans for each trailer. The property also claims to have purchased its own garbage truck, with which to do a private collection of the area's garbage.

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