Lincoln County residents offer reward in crime spree

Myrtle Low says she’s having trouble sleeping at night. Of the constant fear, she’s suddenly not safe in her home anymore.

“Just feel uncomfortable in my own home. Feel like someone is outside watching me,” says the Lincoln County resident.

Twice since mid-August Low and several of her neighbors’ homes have been broken into.

“And this time they broke in to all my safes and took a pillow case off my bed. Took savings bonds, all my jewelry..all my money,” she said.

They even hit former state trooper and Lincoln County Judge-Executive John Sims. He’s got a theory who’s behind it, and why they’re doing it.

“So many of these young people have no money to buy drugs with, so they will steal something to have money to buy drugs with,” said Sims.

And Myrtle Low says she’s afraid the thieves will return a third time and take larger items they couldn’t get before.

“Someone is going to get hurt or killed. That’s my biggest concern, too,” she said.

Police say they have extra patrols out…and Low and Sims are taking action of their own, too.

“I’m putting up fliers,” she said.

Low and Sims both are offering a $1,000 reward along with a $5,000 reward from their insurance.

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