Lexington offers more ways to recycle

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LFUCG is now offering electronic recycling every day except for Sundays. Used computers, televisions, and other electronic items can be dropped off at 1306 Versailles Rd and they will be recycled properly by the city.

This coming Saturday, September 26th will be Lexington's Free Paper Shredding Day. Residential customers can bring up to 300 pounds of documents to 1631 Old Frankfort Pike between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The Division of Waste Management is also striving towards a goal of zero waste. A 2008 community-wide waste study discovered that many residents were putting trash into Herbie bins that are sill recyclable, compostable, or can be reused.

LFUCG reminds citizens to remove caps from bottles and jugs before recycling and to bag up trash before putting them into the Herbie bin.

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