Murder victims remembered in Lexington

A community is coming together to remember the lives lost because of crime.

Today in Lexington, the victims of murder cases, are not being forgotten.

Our Miranda Combs has the story.

In the past ten years, Lexington has lost almost 200 people to murder, in this year alone, 11 lives have been lost.

Numbers to some, but loved ones to those who gathered today.

You can find the names written in garden, a reminder to not forget the victims of crime, and just as importantly the families who loved them.

Mothers like Peggy Prentice.

"It doesn't seem like six years. Seems like yesterday, but I know it's not coming back."

Her son William Henderson was hit by a bullet in a crowd of people outside the American Legion, she says he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, now she's part of a group she wanted to be in.

"I know just ice was served and he's with god but I wish he was right here with me today that I didn't have to be down here on this occasion."

This day was officially designated by both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives in 2007 as a day to acknowledge the tremendous loss suffered by the families and friends of murder victims.

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