Thieves target elderly woman in grocery store

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Jackie Saunier and her daughter Julie Barnes spent Saturday evening trying to get fraud alerts put on all of Saunier's credit cards and other accounts.

Saunier was shopping at Whole Foods Market in Lexington when she was distracted by a couple with a child. Upon visiting another store, she realized that her wallet had been stolen.

When her daughter started trying to track down the credit cards that were taken, the thieves were working to steal Saunier's identity and go on a serious shopping spree. The female suspect reportedly laminated her own picture onto Saunier's driver's license. She then ended up spending $1,000 at Dillard's and purchased $2,000 in gift cards at Talbot's.

A clerk at Talbot's told Saunier and Barnes that the woman seemed suspicious but presented identification upon the purchase. Fortunately, those gift cards have been cancelled by Talbot's.

Saunier's other accounts have also had fraud alerts placed on them so the thieves will be unable to use them.

Police are investigating the case and are currently combing through surveillance video from the mall hoping to get a picture of the suspects.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 877-970-2020.

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