Bill Speeding Through General Assembly

The speed limit on rural interstates and parkways would increase from 65 to 70 mph under a bill that has been approved by both the Senate and the House.

The measure needs approval by the Senate of a minor change made
in the House before it goes to Governor Fletcher for his consideration.

Fletcher spokeswoman Jodi Whitaker says the governor supported an unsuccessful attempt to increase the speed limit last year and looks forward to reviewing the final version of this year's bill, which was approved by the House on a 69-to-27 vote.

The governor said, "In general, I think that we can make some adjustments to the speed limits without putting more people at risk and not increasing our fatalities. But I need to be assured of that before I'd sign it."

State Representative Hubert Collins of Paintsville said the increased speed limits wouldn't go into effect until after the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has conducted engineering studies.

They'll determine if the higher speeds would be safe for motorists
on particular highways.

Collins said the legislation specifically excludes congested urban highways from the higher speed limit.

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