Raffle To Raise Money For Soldiers

Coty's friend Cristy Abrams won a brand new truck through 92.9 FM The Bear radio last December.

Yet instead of keeping the truck, she's raffling it off and giving the proceeds to a program called "Coty and Friends".

Unfortunately things aren't going as well as she'd hoped.

"Thought we'd do better," Cristy said.

"Coty and Friends" sends care packages to soldiers overseas.

Coty's parents are heading up "Coty and Friends" and are more often then not spending money out of their own pockets to send these care packages. But they do it because it's what their son wanted.

Bill, Coty's dad says it makes them feel good to know they're making a difference for these soldiers

"It fills a hole, it keeps him alive," Coty's father says.

They've received hundreds of e-mails from soldiers asking for items. After the requests come in, they buy the items and ship them out to the military.

By buying a raffle ticket for this new truck you can ensure they have the money to keep helping Coty's friends.

The tickets are $25 each, and are available at all Castle Jewelry locations and Paul Miller Ford.

The raffle will be at nine in the morning on March 16th at Paul Miller Ford in Lexington.

If you'd like more information click on the link provided below.