Alabama Tornado Hits Close To Home

Kimberly Moore was a sophomore at Jessamine High School back in May of 1995.

She was trying to run from a portable classroom to the main building when the weather turned violent.

"My backpack got hung & I was trying to go and fell down. Pieces from the roof and trailer hit me from both directions, there was black tar all over me, embedded in my clothes, my hair. I had on a bright pink jogging suit, they found my glasses a year later," Kimberly remembers.

Now a first grade teacher at Nicholasville Elementary, Moore uses her story to teach.

More than two dozen students were injured that May morning nearly a dozen years ago. Most hadn't even gotten off their buses and suffered cuts from the broken glass. Moore broke her back. She says images from the storm in Enterprise, Alabama hit close to home.

"I feel sad for them, have to work together to get over it," Moore said.

Winds in excess of 100 miles-per-hour struck the high school in Jessamine County May of 1995, but weather officials have never confirmed there was an actual tornado.