Boat Dock Ripped Away, Many Boats Damaged

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"I love it. I wouldn't have any other job. I hope it gets back to way it used to be," said Annie Clark.

Clark has been manager the London Dock Marina for three years. In all that time, she says she never imagined it could all be washed away.

"We fought til daylight this morning to try to keep this part here. The houseboat slip were here and the covered slips were all here. But something broke and they're all gone," Clark said.

Yesterday's heavy rains combined with today's gusty winds made it impossible to secure the marina. The dock's owner spent the day searching for houseboats along the Cumberland River.

"We know from one eye witness that at least one sank. We haven't found all of them," said Bob Mitchell, the owner of the marina.

The dock has been serving house boaters and recreational boaters on Rockcastle and Cumberland Rivers for thirty years. But after what happened today they aren't sure they'll survive.

"It's gonna be bad for business. It's gonna destroy us. I don't know if we'll ever get back to normal or not," Clark said.

"We'll put Humpty Dumpty back together again. We'll survive and we'll keep working," Mitchell said.

Today the water almost looked like it was boiling because the current is so strong.

"You can't tame the river. It does it's own thing. It does what it does," said Clark.

Despite all the efforts from workers at the marina, they were powerless against it. The owner says most of the boats they found were not damaged. They say it will be difficult to assess how much damage was done until the water goes down.