Tears Shed, Prayers Answered At The Free Throw Line

A recent high school basketball game in Northern Kentucky turned into a life lesson for all who saw it.

Josh Neace was in church this morning giving thanks for an answered prayer. Josh has cerebral palsy. He's the manager for the Silver Grove HIgh School Basketball team, but he would rather be a player.

Josh got to live out his dreams in Silver Grove's final home game of the season.

With his team beating Heritage Academy by more than 40 points, Coach Tony Bacigalupo put Josh in to shoot free throws for an injured player. That's when Heritage Academy coach Steve Offutt gave his point guard some special instructions. Offutt told the player to commit a lane violation if Josh missed his first free throw. The coach instructed him to keep doing that until Josh made a basket.

Four missed free throws and four lane violations later, Josh got the proverbial shooter's bounce. Players, coaches and fans from both sides shed tears of joy.

Later, the losing coach was invited to be the guest speaker at the First Baptist Church of Silver Grove where Josh's dad is the pastor.

In his message Offut said," I believe all of this for the Silver Grove team, for Josh, four our team, was just a divine appointment. The key to being successful in life is trusting God and loving people, and that was the best moment in my career.

He took what could have been a negative moment and turned it into a positive. Everybody was a winner that night."

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