Child murder suspect back in court

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Another hearing was scheduled for a man accused of murdering a six year old boy.
Lewis "Buck" Ballard is charged with murdering Wesley Mullins, at his grandfather's home in Paris, in 2007.

Today, the judge heard arguments concerning an out of town witness.
The judge decided the prosecution could call an expert the defense had paid to testify during the trial about DNA evidence. The defense attorneys argued this could hurt their case.

In another blow to the defense, the judge will allow a few photos from the 6-year-old victim's autopsy as part of the prosecution's case. The defense had objected to any photos being used during the trial at all, arguing diagrams and testimony can sufficiently show how Mullins died.

Ballard's trial is schedule to start October 7th. A judge has ruled Ballard can get the death penalty, if convicted. A court official tells us if a jury is not seated in Bourbon County in four days, the trial will be moved to Woodford County.

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