Kentucky student "critical" with H1N1

A common fixture throughout Williamsburg this week is a milk jug asking for donations. The reason, a 14-year old high school student is very ill. “I can just tell you, we had a student with confirmed H1N1. Currently, she is listed in critical but stable condition, showing signs of improvement,” says Whitley Co. Schools Deputy Superintendent Scott Paul.

The teen became sick last week and is among the many with confirmed cases of the H1N1 Flu in Whitley County, where schools have been closed.

And doctors' offices have been full. “We’ve been seeing all ages, from birth to 21,” said Dr. Kathy Omer of Corbin Pediatrics. Doctor Omer says Corbin Pediatriacs is averaging 150 patients a day. She says many of the children are testing positive for H1N1. “Body aches, fevers, severe cough, vomiting,” she said of the common symptoms.

Doctor Omer says most cases aren't any more serious than the typical seasonal flu and can be treated easily at home. But the 14-year old Whitley County freshman required a trip to the East Tennessee Hospital in Knoxville. “Obviously they are very concerned. But they are hopeful that everything will be ok. But we're trying to show as much support as we can,” said Paul.

School officials say they do not know if the young lady had a preexisting condition that could have made her case of H1N1 more serious.

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