Continuance Granted For Mother Accused of Murder

Courtney Diane Bishop only waited a few moments with her parents in the courtroom before the judge called her name.

Instead of a preliminary hearing, Bishop's lawyer was granted a continuance.

Just Tuesday, Bishop was released from jail on a $100,000 property bond posted by a family friend, Kenneth Stephens.

When asked about the generous gift Bishop only smiled.

27 NEWSFIRST contacted Stephens to see his reasons for posting the bond, but he did not want to comment. 27 NEWSFIRST recently discovered court documents in which police say Courtney Bishop told them she was the only one with baby Caleb when his injuries occurred.

However, a not guilty plea was entered on her behalf on the murder charges. We asked Bishop if the right person was charged in this case, her father Bob Brundige said "no."

Bishop had been in jail at the Fayette County Detention Center since last week, charged with murder.

Police say she assaulted her one-month-old boy, Caleb. The coroner says he died from blunt force trauma.

Courtney Bishop, who was a music teacher at Christ The King School.

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