Church moves on after fire

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The congregation of McAndrews Wesleyan Church gathered to worship in Belfry on Sunday, just four days after a fire burned their building.
It's the first time the congregation has gathered since a fire burned down their church.
"Still a lot of disbelief. I drive by it everyday going home and going to work," Church member Kelly Ramey said.
"We laughed some, we cried some. So it's just part of it. No place I'd rather be than with my people, especially at this time," Pastor Ralph Ferree said.
For this Sunday, they held service a few miles from their usual place at the Hatfield Funeral Home.
Pastor Ferree says despite everything that's happened, his group remains strong.
"Very loving group, probably one of the most loving groups I've pastored. Maybe not large in number but certainly large in spirit, but it'll come together," Ferree said.
Even though it's been reduced to rubble and ashes, the McAndrews Wesleyan congregation is confident the church will be rebuilt.
"Still a lot of disbelief, but we're picking up the pieces and moving on," Ramey said.
Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire, but people of the church know they need to move on.
"Lot of emotions, lot of crying, lot of hugging. Lot of determination to be one, band together and rebuild again," Ferree said.
Wherever they go, they will continue to worship together every Sunday.
Although they are still searching for a temporary home, Ferree says the church will probably hold service at Hatfield Funeral Home again next week.
He's unsure when the church will begin rebuilding.

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