Churches taking precautions for flu

Church officials at Southland Christian Church say they've been making some changes since the flu is in full swing.

Church administrator, Chris Haan, said that they recently met with local health officials to discuss ways to prevent the spread of H1N1 and the seasonal flu, among their members.

Every weekend there are 10 to 11,000 people who attend services, which means there's potential for germ-spreading.

To prevent that they've placed hand-sanitizer around the building, educated their staff, and there's no more hand-shaking.

Greeting each other with a hand shake is a tradition here as it is at many other churches, but for now it's being discouraged.

We also spoke with the pastor at Crosswood Baptist Church, a small church which is across the street from Southland, he says they are still shaking hands, but also taking some precautions.

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