250 sick animals seized in Carroll County

A man faces charges after investigators say they found more 250 animals in a garage.

The garage is in Worthville which is just south of Carrollton in Carroll County.

Investigators say they found chickens, rabbits even ducks that were under fed and sick, more than 30 of the animals were dead, that many more had to be euthanized.

Chickens and rabbits were some of the lucky survivors.

Now free to spread their wings or hop around, they are a few of the more than 250 animals taken from garage in the Carroll County town of Worthville.

"They were pretty horrific, feces everywhere. We did find more dead animals when we got there laying around," says Carroll County Animal Support Director Tammie Crawford.

Among the problems the team found, chickens with maggots in their feathers, ducks crowded together in cages.

Animals with respiratory problems, under fed and live animals in the same unclean cages with dead animals, many of them badly decomposed.

"As we got the birds out, we would find one laying there that they were just trampling all over," said Crawford.

Who is responsible for the animals?

According to Kentucky State Police and the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, its Donnie Cannon.

They say Cannon had an auction service and he would acquire the animals for re-sale.

Cannon says there is more to the story than investigators are saying, but decline further comment on advice from his attorney.

Crawford says this incident isn't the first time there's been a complaint about Cannon.

"I've gotten numerous complaints over the years, just not been able to I guess be at the right place at the right time and this time, we got real lucky," Crawford said.

It took a large truck to load all the animals in cages once the garage was emptied.

Cannon faces a cruelty to animals charge, if found guilty he could face one year in jail and a $500 fine.

"He shouldn't be allowed to have animals any more ever. Anybody who treats animals like that shouldn't be allowed to have them," said Crawford.

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