Shooting Suspect Waves Gun In Newspaper Building

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A man sought by police in connection with the shooting death of his wife went to the Richmond Register newspaper Wednesday and pointed a gun at his brother - the paper's editor, an assistant editor said.

Sgt. William Reardon of the Richmond police department said John Todd was being sought for questioning in connection with the shooting death of his wife, whom police found Wednesday afternoon inside the couple's Lexington home. John Todd remained at large Wednesday evening, Reardon said.

Earlier in the day, Todd showed up at the Register and asked to meet with his brother, editor Jim Todd, said the paper's assistant editor, Lorie Love. The two stayed in the editor's office for about 90 minutes behind closed doors, she said, before they walked to John Todd's van parked behind the newspaper building, which is about 30 miles south of Lexington.

Afterward, the editor told colleagues his brother had held him at gunpoint.

"We weren't aware of anything going on," Love said. "It's very common for someone to go into Jim's office and stay an hour and a half."

Even after his brother left the building, Jim Todd received multiple phone calls from him on his cell phone - one in Love's presence, she said. Police recommended that Todd and his family go to an undisclosed location to hide, Love said.

"We always try to err on the side of safety," Reardon said. "With him already alleged possibly killing his wife, we're not sure what his mindset was."

Lt. David Lyons of the Lexington police department declined to release information about the investigation, except that a suspect wanted in connection with a woman's shooting death was at large.

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