Horses Rescued

The owner of a Scott County horse rescue and adoption center is being forced to move because the land is owned by Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, and they want to sell it.

With only two days to go before the deadline, Gary Hurd is trying to make sure all the horses have a place to go.

Gary Hurd adopted out 66 horses in three years just before Valentines Day. He received a letter stating he had until March 9th to get his remaining 47 horses off the land.

"Some of them I didn't want to let leave here, but they did, and they went to good homes. We took 4 to Stanford one day. The lady was a school teacher. She loved them," said Hurd.

About twenty horses are still on the land, but Gary has found a larger parcel of land he'll take them to and reopen his rescue farm.

"I'm gonna start hauling the rest of them out of here tomorrow. It's a little distance from here, but I don't care. I can drive it. I'll have to haul what I can at a time, 3 to 4."

There was a point earlier this week when Gary didn't think he'd be able to meet the deadline.

"Until yesterday, I didn't think I'd be moving," Gary said.

Just how difficult has it been to move that many horses in 24 days? Well, Gary says he's had a headache every day.

"It's been hard. I don't mind adopting them out, but it's worse trying to move."

Meanwhile, Gary Hurd has no hard feelings whatsoever towards Cardinal Hill Hospital which plans to use the proceeds from the sale of this land to serve more patients.

"No, I love what they do. They do like I do. They do 2 legged, and I do 4 legged."

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