Jury selection begins in child murder trial

Jury selection starts Wednesday in the trial of a man accused in a child murder case.

Buck Ballard is charged with murder and sodomy in the 2007 death of six-year old Wesley Mullins.

Mullins' body was found in the garage of his grandfather's Paris home. Ballard lived there at the time.

The judge in the case says he'll give jury selection four days. If a jury can't be seated by early next week, the judge will move the trial to Woodford County.

People in the community say they can't help but pay attention to the case for the past two years.

Some would be surprised if the court was able to find 14 impartial parties to sit on a jury out of the 250 candidates saying because it is such a small town people are quick to form opinions.

Others say it should be moved out of the county simply to give Ballard a fair trial, again saying the publicity could make things difficult.

Speaking of difficult, some potential jurors had to leave their vehicles at a nearby park and take a shuttle to the courthouse.

Ballard faces the death penalty if convicted.

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