Seasonal flu shots running low

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Growing concerns over the H1N1 virus have many Kentuckians rushing to get a seasonal flu shot. This has some pharmacies, doctors, and health departments running low.

Many health departments, doctor's offices, and pharmacies around the state are reporting they are either out of the seasonal flu vaccine or are running low.

Officials say it's because the flu season started so early this year.

Fayette County Health Department officials say their supply is running low, but is fine for now. They are working with local pharmacies to stay updated on their supply just in case they need to send people there in the future.

State health officials say more seasonal flu shot shipments could arrive by the end of this month or November.

Some local pharmacies tell 27 NewsFirst they are fine on supply, while others say they are completely out.

UK Healthcare's drive-thru flu shot program has also been canceled due to limited availability of the seasonal vaccine.

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