Homeowner Shoots Home Intruder

One of two men who invaded a residence in Boyd County last night has died of wounds inflicted by a man who lived at the house. The dead man is identified as 50-year-old Robert Chapman of Greenup.

The Boyd County sheriff's department reports 23-year-old Jason Daniels was tied up by two men who had impersonated police officers
and pounded on the door. When Daniels didn't open the door, the two smashed the door open.

Sheriff Terry Keelin says they tied up Daniels in the bathroom and began ransacking the house, but Daniels was able to free himself and obtain his nine millimeter pistol.

The sheriff's report says Daniels was in a "shooting stance" and opened fire when the men headed back toward the bathroom. Chapman was shot the chest, shoulder and wrist.

Keelin says the two then fled, with the wounded Chapman crashing
through a bedroom window of the single-story frame house. The other
intruder, identified by Keelin as 22-year-old Adam Justice of Summitt, drove Champman three miles to to Kings Daughters Medical Center in Ashland and left him outside the emergency room.

Justice was charged with burglary and impersonating a police officer. A grand jury will be asked to decide if Daniels will be charged, but Keelin says none have been filed so far.

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