Police: Driver falls asleep, crashes into Dairy Queen

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It's amazing no one was seriously hurt. A car traveling on the Georgetown Bypass clips another car and goes flying into a restaurant.

"I'll remember this for the rest of my life", says Brian Tucker.

Brian Tucker says it was only meant to be a quick trip.

"I was going to the ATM to get lunch money", Tucker says.

He was traveling north on the Georgetown Bypass.

"The last thing I know is I saw the Taco Bell sign and that was it. The next thing I know I heard a big boom", says Tucker.

The next thing he remembers, he woke up in the Dairy Queen drive thru.

"I was just laying over on the side and a guy said 'Are you alright' and I said 'Yeah, I'm getting my seatbelt off'. I got my seatbelt off and he opened the door and I climbed out", says Brian Tucker.

Georgetown police say Brian Tucker fell asleep at the wheel, clipping the rear of a car parked at a stop light. That's when they say he went into a ditch, went airborne, then hitting the restaurant and a car going through the drive thru.

"I was just worried if I hurt anyone", says Brian Tucker.

With some flooding and damage from the accident, the restaurant did have to temporarily shut down. Meanwhile, with a minor head injury, the driver says he's just thankful it wasn't worse.

"I just thank God I'm alive. I thank God I'm alive", says Tucker.

As for all of the other drivers involved in this crash, they had no major injuries.

Officials with the Dairy Queen in Georgetown say they are now trying to determine when they can reopen.

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