A truck full of stolen metal from derailed trains lead to two arrests

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It started as a routine traffic stop in front of Garrett's Furniture Store, but as officers took a closer look in the back of the pick-up truck they found something more interesting.

When a train carrying coal derailed in Carlisle last week, crews worked fast to clean the tracks, moving the wrecked freight cars to a field near a trailer park, the same trailer park where 20-year-old Jason Willoughby lives.

Police say Willoughby with the help of Michael Poe couldn't resist the chance to scrap the metal from the trains, but police didn't know their plan until the truck they were driving was pulled over.

In the bed of the Ford Ranger Pick-up truck 24 sets rail car springs, about $2,000 worth, enough to charge Willoughby and Poe with receiving stolen property.

The two were taken to the Montgomery County Jail after the arrest last night We were there as Michael Poe's uncle came to bail him out of jail, but Poe had no interest in talking about his arrest or whether or not he was responsible for the stolen coils.

While Poe was able to post bond, Willoughby still hasn't, he's being held on $2,000 bond. Both are facing felony charges for allegedly stealing metal from the train cars.

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