Investigators Say Frankfort Fire Was Intentionally Set

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"I think it's a mess. And now I've heard it was intentionally started," said Peter Smith.

Smith has lived in Frankfort for over 20 years. He is one of many who stopped to look at the damage caused by Sunday morning's fire. When he found out investigators have ruled it was intentionally set he was furious.

"Hell yeah. It'd make anybody angry if you have a business and somebody sets it on fire wouldn't you be angry?" Smith said.

He is not alone. Everyone we spoke to was appalled.

"I think it's pretty rotten. It's a historic area and it's been here a long time. People live above these established buildings and now their apartments are ruined," said John Reed.

"I didn't think they'd want to burn anything historic for any reason set it on fire," said Nick Roth.

But investigators ruled out the possibility that electric, natural gas, or the building's heating system caused the fire, saying the fire that damaged one and a half million dollars worth of property was incendiary in nature and intentionally set.

"It's pretty rotten someone would do this. They found our it was arson. That's terrible," Reed said.

The buildings have been a part of downtown Frankfort for over a century. And people like Smith wonder what that loss will do to the community.

"Question is, who did it and why they did it? And are they going to be able to find them or not?" Smith said.

Investigators say their examination of the fire scene is complete, but their investigation is ongoing. And they have told us, they will work aggressively to find the people responsible for the arson.