Crews still cleaning up after Kentucky ice storm

OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) - Road crews in one western Kentucky county are continuing to clear debris 10 months after an ice storm
devastated the state in January.
Crews in Daviess County have cleared the worst areas, but
they're turning their attention to blockages in small waterways.
Officials say Panther Creek had the worst blockages as the storm
left 124 debris piles in county creeks, The Messenger-Inquirer in
Owensboro reported.
"There were piles in Panther Creek that were 1,000 feet long
and 20 feet high," said Allen Isbill, supervisor for the road
department. Isbill said the job clearing all the county's creeks is
"not even half done."
"One thing we've been waiting on is for farmers to get the
crops out," Isbill said. Crews are ready to start work on six
sites and debris piles in Yellow Creek as well, Isbill said.
County Administrator Tony Sook said the county has $140,584 for
debris removal. The majority of the money comes from the Natural
Resources Conservation Service, with the county putting up $35,146
in matching funds.
Sook said Panther Creek had large blockages that would take a
week or two to remove. The blockages in the other creeks will not
be as time-consuming.
"In the other creeks, you have blockages the size of a
pickup," Isbill said.
The contract with NRCS gives the county until December to finish
the work in order to receive the federal funds. Isbill said the
work crews likely will finish by December.
"We should be done by the deadline, weather permitting,"
Isbill said. "I'd say the only thing that will hold us up is the
Information from: Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer,

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