Small memorial for fallen Census worker

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It's been almost a month since Bill Sparkman was found dead in a cemetary, and the circumstances of his death are still unreleased.
A Census regional director and a former Census worker both went to the cemetary today to pay respects to the fallen worker.
"I think all the Census family was shocked and devastated because this was the first incident of this nature that's occurred," U.S. Census Bureau Regional Director Wayne Hatcher said.
Hatcher travelled all the way from Charlotte to pay respects to his former employee.
"He was an excellent employee. He worked through this part of Kentucky, he worked in five counties. The work he did was just outstanding work," Hatcher said.
Although the investigation is ongoing, the circumstances of his death are still unknown.
"Here it is almost a month, and there is still no closure with the circumstances surrounding his death," former Census worker Bennie Smith said.
Both Hatcher and Smith held a small memorial for Sparkman.
Smith played his saxophone in Sparkman's and prayed, leaving flowers at the site.
Even though Smith was optimistic for a bigger turnout, he just wants to help any way he can.
"You would've hoped that more people would've came, but the effect and cause of why we're here was pretty much felt," Smith said.
"It's pretty humbling to be here at the site where his body was found," Hatcher said.
Although Sparkman's four other counties are covered by other employees now, the census bureau says it will not go door-to-door in Clay County until there the cause of death is determined.
The census is still active in Clay County, but they are only making phone calls for information in the meantime.
In addition to a memorial, Smith said he's starting a foundation for Bill Sparkman's family.

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