Jail escapee captured

A shocking discovery, very early this morning for Wayne County deputy Jailer Scott Catron as he witnessed his co worker and friend being held hostage.

“They had her by the neck, she was bleeding from the face. I couldn’t get to her. They had the door locked,” said Catron.

Police say Jeremy Sescourka and Joe Cook escaped from their cell and went straight to the control room where deputy jailer Sherry Kelsey was attacked.

“It looked like he had a shank to her neck..in a full headlock,” said

Cook decided to open the jail and let Sescourka escape. Cook decided to stay behind.

Kelsey was taken to the hospital and later released. For hours there
was no sign of Secourka, then just before noon, he was spotted near the Bell Subdivision. But an extensive search there turned up nothing.

Then after 1:00 PM another call came into police of a sighting off Old 90 in the Stuebenville community, where Jailer Ray Uphurch himself found Sesourka.

“I run up to him I told him to get on the ground he got on the ground,
handcuffed him that was pretty much it,” said Upchurch.

And now Sescourka is back in jail, and a community can rest easier, knowing a man police considered dangerous is once again locked up.

Jail staff say because of this both Cook and Sescourka will be in
isolation, and the entire jail remains on lockdown.

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