Clark County receives H1N1 vaccine

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H1N1 vaccinations were distributed Monday to doctor's offices like Ertel Medicine and Pediatrics in Winchester.

"We had 5 staff members out sick a couple weeks ago and I was fortunate not to have it then," said Physician Assistant Troy Brooks.

Brooks is at a high risk of exposure to the H1N1 virus because of his occupation. He was one of the first in Clark County to receive the H1N1 flu mist vaccine, which arrived in the county this past Friday.

The Clark County Health Department has been flooded with calls since they received the first batch of 200 vaccinations, all in the form of a flu mist. But only select groups can get it for now.

"The target groups by the CDC are pregnant woman, and they cannot take the flu mist," said Clark County Health Director Scott Lockard, "So next we have caregivers of children under six months of age and then health care workers."

Much of the first batch the county got in has already been distributed to health-care and day-care providers, but they expect more to come in on a weekly basis. They also expect a shipment of flu shots soon, for people like pregnant women and those who have immune deficiency disorders and can't take the flu mist.

Director Lockard is advising area residents to be patient; they expect enough vaccine to come in by mid-November to meet all demand.

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