Local radio personality loses job after being arrested

A local radio personality is facing multiple criminal charges including possession of child pornography.

Lexington police were called to the Malabu Drive home of Roy Baldridge, better known as "Dusty Dan", to investigate a possible burglary.

They say a secondary investigation turned up the child porn.

Our sources tell us police removed close to 100 pornographic pictures from his home. So far he's been charged with 4 counts of possessing child pornography.

As far as the burglary, a neighbor noticed a suspicious vehicle near their home, then called police. Officers say they found a gun in Baldridge's vehicle.

That gun belonged to Baldridge, or at least that's what police thought.

A closer look at the gun showed it was reported stolen back in August. It also had its serial number scratched off.

Police then charged Baldridge with receiving stolen property for the gun, and defacing a firearm for removing the serial number.

Police were able to arrest 23-year-old Justin Dunson and 22-year-old Aaron Campbell for the burglary of Baldridge's home.

A police report says they climbed in a kitchen window and stole the gun from under a mattress.

While taking the two to jail, police started investigating Baldridge. Neighbors say police started bringing evidence out of his home.

Baldridge, along with the other two people, were arraigned Tuesday in court. Shortly after Clear Channel Radio, Baldridge's employer, severed ties with the radio personality.

Baldridge was part of the Moo Crew on 98.1 The Bull. He was on air in the mornings from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

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