New tool allows parents to track school lunches

Ever wonder what your child eats when they're not at home?

Now concerned parents can keep up with their children's nutrition, even while they're at school!

Victor Puente takes a look at a new tool, helping parents keep track of lunches.

Valerie Morrison is keeping an eye on her son's eating habits, even when he's at school.

Fayette County Schools use the Mealpay Plus system which allows parents to keeps track of how their child's lunch money is spent.

"I don't have to write three separate checks or send three separate envelopes and I know the money is going to get to the school and into their lunch account."

Parents enjoy how easy the system is to use, and administrators say they have enjoyed the reduced paperwork.

The system operates like an online bank.

For a fee parents can deposit money into their child's account.

Each purchase a student makes is then available for mom or dad to check on online or by phone, making lunch one less thing for parents to worry about.

Fayette County school officials say the program's been so successful they're now testing a similar online program for text book fees.

The cost to parents is 4.5% of each transaction.

Officials say this money is used to keep the system operational.

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