State launches campaign to curb distracted driving

Nicole Meredith knows all too well what can happen if you're not paying attention to the road while driving.

"But basically I looked up and realized that I wasn't driving on the road anymore," said Meredith.

The 18 year old had crashed her car. She was texting while driving..something she now considers unsafe. But she's also using her experience in hopes of helping others.

"I was in 17 Magazine. And that's where it started, knowing my story would reach millions of girls. It would change somebody's life," she said.

State officials say there were more than 50,000 distracted driving crashes last year. They used Nicole's story as a springboard to put the brakes on distracted driving, which includes a lot more than texting.

"Combing you hair on the way to work, or whether in some extreme cases, reading while you drive," said Acting Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock, who also says the governor is considering a policy that would limit distracted driving devices for all state workers.

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