Police look into possible break-in connection

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Police are trying to sort out the details to determine if two overnight break-ins are connected.

A man living on Stonewood Drive, off Liberty Road, near Fortune Drive, in Lexington says a man came to his home asking for someone.

After talking with him, the homeowner realized his T.V. had been stolen.

"About 11:30 last night, had a young man come to my door. Just kept ringing and ringing my doorbell until I finally answered the door," explained the homeowner, Jim Ginter. "He asked for somebody I didn't recognize and I told him he had the wrong house."

Police think the man was distracted while another suspect broke into the sun room of the home, where Ginter had a television.

"Evidently had somebody helping him while he was keeping me distracted," Ginter said. "The tv was taken. They got the remote control, too!"

Moments earlier, a burglar alarm went off at a home on Pascoli Place in the Tuscany neighborhood of Hamburg.

Once there, officers noticed a screen had been cut and feared the burglar was still inside.

Police found nothing had been stolen.

Investigators say the two could be connected because only a field separates the neighborhoods.

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