'Polite' robber holds up gas station

A frightening experience early this morning…for the two workers inside a Burnside store.

“He put the 2 employees on the floor,” said Hampton Marathon owner Harold Hampton .

And told them to count to twenty while he stole money from the cash register. Hampton says neither the employees nor the cameras inside..captured a good image of the masked man.

“No..he was well masked. And his face was completely covered. We don't have a good picture,” he said.

But the employees did hear the gunman's voice..in a way they probably didn't expect.

“He knocked over some chairs, and he said, 'excuse me, I'm sorry.' Out the door he went,” said Hampton of how the man quickly left after the unexpected apology about knocking down the chairs.

Police are now looking for a man about 5’10” and 150 lbs. The two overnight workers were not hurt..but they won't soon forget what happened.

“They're doing pretty well. Pretty shaken up when you're held at gunpoint,” said Hampton.

Police are now reviewing surveillance video.

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