Paperless tickets for Miley Cyrus

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A popular actress and singer is busy touring the nation right now, and kids of all ages are turning out to see her without actually holding a ticket.

The Miley Cyrus Tour, which reaches Lexington on November 1, is the first in this country to use the paperless ticket system for all seats in the arena. Miley travels with the equipment that makes this possible, so it can't be demonstrated here i n Kentucky yet, but it's fairly easy to understand how it works.

Carl Hall, the Director of Arena Management for Lexington Center, tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "You purchase tickets by charging them to your credit card. You arrive on the day of the event. The doors to Rupp Arena open at 5pm, 2 hours prior to the concert so you need to come early because it's a little slower process. You bring your credit card and photo ID and present that to the ticket taker who will run the card through a credit card swipe machine like you see at any convenience store."

That machine then prints you out a seat locator slip which is handed to you and your guests only after you go through the turnstile, but arena managers aren't ready to promise this system will put an end to ticket scalping once and for all.

Carl Hall says, "It will reduce scalping significantly, but when you build a better mouse trap, there's always a smarter mouse down the road."

And like anything mechanical, there can be some occasional glitches.
Hall says, "We took several members of our staff to Columbus, Ohio last week to Nationwide Arena to preview the system and see how it would work. As with all systems, 1 or 2 per cent of the people had some type of challenge. Either they brought the wrong card, forgot their card, or the machine couldn't read it right for some reason. Ticketmaster has 12 people traveling with the show to assist with any problems that arise."

This system was developed in part with the college and pro sports teams in mind to help with their season ticket challenges, but UK has no plans to use the the paperless system any time soon. They're waiting for the technology to evolve a little further.

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