Police find children living in filthy house

They call it some of the worst conditions they've ever seen at a home.

What's worse, police say a woman and three children were living there.

Officers made the shocking discovery at a home near Williamsburg, after going there as part of a roundup of people behind on child support payments.

Police intended to simply go to the home to find Mark Fuson. They say he was behind on child support payments. But when officers arrived, they found something they weren't expecting.

"There was garbage stacked up everywhere, animal feces everywhere," Williamsburg Police Officer Shawn Jackson said. "It was totally unfit for human life."

Police say the trash was stacked waist-high. It also appears the home did not have power or running water.

Officers say Rhonda Fuson was living at the home with her three children.

Police soon arrested her. She will likely face charges of wanton endangerment.

Meanwhile, the children have been removed from the home by social services.

The children's grandmother says she lives nearby and will now take care of them.

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