Burglars break through roof to get inside antique store

Burglars take off with thousands of dollars in merchandise from an antique store, after finding a creative way to get in the building.

Instead of breaking a door or window, Danville Police say the suspects came in through the roof.

When Jane McConnell came into work at Not Just Antiques Monday morning, she thought she had a fellow employee to be mad at.

"At first I thought, well someone just left it a mess," McConnell said. "But then I looked over here and there were no rings."

Early that morning, she says burglars cleared out three display cases, taking jewelry, silver julep cups, and silver flatware. They went straight for the high end items, and left the same way they came in.

"I looked up and there was a ladder against the furnace and that's how they got out," McConnell said. "They cut a hole in the ceiling and dropped in."

Danville Police have investigated a number of break-ins lately. On Monday, someone broke into a tanning salon taking hundreds of dollars in lotions. That same night, Redwood Real Estate was burglarized, and several DVR machines were taken.

Neither of those burglaries compares to the more than $20,000 worth of merchandise stolen from Not Just Antiques.

Police don't believe the three crimes are connected. With the holiday season approaching, they know that more burglaries are likely.

If you know anything about these crimes, call Danville Police at 859-238-1220.

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