Pregnant woman says she was targeted at Target

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She says she was looking for baby items for her upcoming arrival and walked away from her cart once, but in that short time a Richmond woman became a target at an area Target.

"Basically my friend and I were at Target doing a baby registry", says Ashley Penn.

In four months Ashley Penn will be a mom, so she's been busy getting ready. Today she was shopping for her upcoming arrival at the Target at Hamburg Pavillion.

"We left the cart literally probably 36 inches, no more than three feet away from us. There was nobody around. It was the middle of the day and really slow", says Ashley Penn.

Penn got an unwelcome surprise.

"We turned around for an instant to look at an article of clothing and turned back around and kept pushing and by the time I walked out of the store I realized my wallet was gone", says Ashley Penn.

In less than an hour the woman who took Penn's wallet, caught on surveillance tape at Target, went on a shopping spree charging thousands at Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Best Buy. She also drained Penn's bank account.

"Over $4,000 on my credit care and overdrafted $700 on a bank card. We were actually in the store when she made the $600 purchase at Target", says Ashley Penn.

A day of baby shopping that should have been exciting for this mom-to-be who is now hoping police find the woman responsible.

Target officials tell Penn there is surveillance video of the woman that is very clear. It will now be turned over to police. Officials say the woman caught on tape is described as a black woman with short hair and glasses. She was wearing a white zip-up sweatshirt and it appeared she was alone when she committed the crime.

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