Murdered boy's mother, grandfather take stand in Ballard trial

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The mother of a murdered Bourbon County boy and his grandfather take the stand in the trial of Lewis 'Buck' Ballard.

Opening statements began Thursday as prosecutors said Ballard killed six-year-old Wesley Mullins to keep him quiet after Ballard sodomized Mullins.

Defense attorneys argued the police arrested the wrong man and even pointed the finger at Mullins' grandfather.

The defense says the Paris Police Department was in over its head and didn't look at the possible suspects before arresting Ballard.

They say his Grandfather waited hours before calling police and looking for the boy, who had gone missing.

On Friday, Wesley Mullins mother first took the stand, telling the jury about the last day she saw Wesley. He was waiting for his grandfather, Bobby Mullins, to pick him up for the weekend.

"He ran out of the house and said 'Bye mom, I love you'", Stephanie Moore said.

Bobby Mullins, his grandfather, also took the stand telling the jury the night that Wesley stayed over, Wesley asked if he could stay up late playing darts with Buck Ballard, the roommate of Bobby Mullins.

Bobby Mullins says he woke up around 3 a.m. to find Wesley hadn't come to bed.

"I knocked on Buck's door and he said 'He's in here Bobby. He's fine'", says Bobby Mullins.

The next day when he didn't see Wesley, he says he confronted Buck Ballard who said he too hadn't seen Wesley.

Mullins says he immediately called police and began searching for his grandson, who was found dead in his garage.

The prosecution will continue to call more witnesses in this case on Monday.

The trial is taking place in Woodford County after an impartial jury couldn't be seated in Bourbon County.

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