Rape Caught On Tape ?

Police arrested Neil Mullins after they say the victim found a recording of the rape on her own computer

Every now and then crimes are caught on tape, but it isn't everyday police investigate a rape where the victim brings a tape of the assault.

But that is exactly what Richmond police say happened. Now Richmond police are checking into whether there's a video they say Neil Mullins made.

"It shows a rape did occur," Richmond police officer said.

Police say Mullins recorded himself raping a female acquaintance while she was passed out from a night of drinking. The woman didn't realize anything happened until investigators say she checked her computer a few weeks later and ran across an unusual file.

"She clicked on it, she found evidence that there was this...something she didn't remember," the officer said.

We went to Mullins' address where his mother says he dated the woman for several months and only after an ugly breakup did she come to police with video. Mullins' mother says they both made the video together.

But police say the proof is in video.

"This is one where the evidence really shows without a ponderence that something actually took place and corroborated what she told us."

Police say there's a chance the video may have been posted and could still be on the Internet.

Mullins entered a not guilty plea and is out on a $20,000 bond.

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