New Information In Baby Murder

Caleb Bishop died more than a week ago. He was pronounced dead at Kentucky Children's Hospital after spending four days there.

Caleb's mother, Courtney Diane Bishop, has been charged with his murder.

Now more information has been uncovered that provides details about what may have happened to the infant.

We've learned Caleb had a broken leg, an injury to his right ear, a skull fracture and was suffering from retinal hemorrhaging.

The information is according to information obtained in a search warrant. Police say the baby's mother Courtney Bishop, a music teacher at Christ The King is responsible for causing all those injuries.

In an arrest warrant, police say Bishop admits that she alone had access to the victim at the time of the injury.

However, she has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge.

Police say they have also been able to develop a time line of when the baby's injuries may have occurred. In the search warrant, it says a family friend came over to find that Caleb's parents had hooked up a web cam to their computer to show a family member their baby.

That was two weeks after the baby was born and just more than a week before the infant was rushed to the hospital.

At that point, the family friend tells police he did not observe any injuries on little Caleb.

Later, when asked by police what happened to their baby, neither Mrs. Bishop or her husband had any explanation for the injuries.

Bishop is scheduled to be back in court later this month.

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