UK student gets lost "Madness" ticket back after some internet magic

UK student Jennifer Willig thought she would miss out on Big Blue Madness after losing her ticket.

But thanks to some internet magic, it was returned to her.

Heather Stickel says she found a Big Blue Madness ticket for the Eruption Zone in a pizza place.

The ticket worried her, because she says she knew it was important to the person who lost it.

So Stickel posted a note on Coach Cal's Facebook page, and even emailed him, hoping he and his staff could help get the ticket back to its owner.

So Coach Cal's staff went to work, to find the rightful owner. They eventually found out the ticket belonged to Jennifer Willig.

She had won the ticket through the UK student lottery.

The ticket was returned to her Friday, just in time for Big Blue Madness.

Stickel got a reward for her honesty. Coach Cal's staff gave her two tickets for Big Blue Madness for returning the lost ticket.

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