First public H1N1 vaccines are out

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For the first time this year, H1N1 vaccinations were available to the public in Kentucky.

Ten clinics across the Lake Cumberland District offered vaccines, the biggest one being in Somerset. The vaccines are still only given to those within the target groups though.

Some of those people here didn't think they'd get the vaccine, but changed their mind as H1N1 stayed in the news.

"I was a little hesitant, I thought about waiting. But it seems like its spreading so fast, so I didn't want to wait," Donna Tanner said.

"As time has gone by and I've listened and I've read and educated myself, then I decided I think it's the best thing to do," Danielle Payne said.

Tanner and Payne were just two of the hundreds that came out to get the H1N1 vaccines.

Since vaccines were available in both forms, nasal spray and shot, the clinic was able to reach all target groups. This includes pregnant women and young children, like Payne's 17-month old son.

"I don't want him sick. I don't want him feeling pain at all. If it's a shot for just a second, I'd rather that than have him sick ," Payne said.

Amy Tomlinson of the Lake Cumberland District Health Department says the clinic wants to help everyone get vaccinated, but it depends on when the vaccines are distributed.

"It's just a week-to-week basis depending on how many doses we get from the government and what form they come in. Some are coming in mist, and some are injects," Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson also says don't worry if you weren't able to get vaccinated on Saturday. They will be having more clinics just like this when more vaccines come in.

The target groups who can receive the H1N1 vaccines are: pregnant women, healthcare and emergency medical personnel, caregivers of children younger than six months, and children ages six months to 24 years.

Tomlinson says the district still doesn't know when H1N1 vaccines will be available to everyone.

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