Huge rockslide causing many headaches

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A portion of Highway 2009 in Hoskinston, Leslie County is still closed after a massive rockslide came down on the road Saturday. This is causing a number of headaches for people in the area.

The Penningtons were at home just like every other Saturday morning, when they heard a loud boom.

"I was listening to my music, and all the sudden, I heard a crash," Dennis Pennington said.

"I knew it wasn't a blast because normally our house shakes, and our house didn't shake," Margaret Pennington said.

They looked down the road, and saw huge rocks had fallen from the cliffs above.

"I thought, man I'm glad I wasn't there when it fell. That's what I was thinking. It was scary," Dennis Penington said.

No one was injured in the rockslide. However, many people in the area use this road to go into town, and now the commute is much longer.

"We had places to go that day, and we had to go all the way around," Margaret Pennington said.

"It adds about 45 minutes to the trip to Hyden. I have children at Stinnett, and we don't know how they're going to get to school," Gary Nantz said.

Nantz is also frustrated because the rockslide cut off about 30 homes from the city of Hyden's water supply, including his.

"We can't flush, do dishes, or wash clothes," Nantz said.

People in the area not only want the road cleaned up, but for officials to make sure a rockslide doesn't happen again.

"I just wish they would clean it up and take the rest off before it falls," Margaret Pennington said.

"I hope they just blow the big rocks into pieces, and then just move them out. Then fix the road so we can get through it again," Dennis Penington said.

There was another rockslide in the same spot about 16 years ago, and back then it took a month to clear the highway. Officials say they will begin looking into the cleanup situation on Monday. They hope to supply water to residents as soon as possible.

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