Copper Thefts on the Rise at Construction Sites

Heating units are becoming a popular target for some thieves in the Bluegrass. Officials say it's because of the copper and aluminum inside them.

Sherley Saunders, of AAA Heating Company, says thieves recently took off with two heat pumps that his company had just installed at a Lexington house.

He believes they used a pickup truck to haul away the three foot tall units.

Saunders says there are copper and aluminum coils inside each unit. If melted down, those coils could easily be sold for at least $500.
Replacing the stolen units doesn't come cheap for the homeowner.
Saunders says each one costs a couple thousand dollars.

He says while it's likely the thieves took the heating units for the copper inside, it's also possible they may try to sell the heaters whole.
Saunders says if someone offers you a heating pump at an unbelievable price, call police.

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